Balogar the Runeblade Boss Fight (Octopath Traveler)

Balogar the Runeblade Boss Fight (Octopath Traveler)

All of Balogar’s attacks count as melee so Reflective Veil doesn’t work. Incite + Sidestep make you immune to all phase 1 damage. Poison is free damage, and allows for more defensive actions or BP build up. Use Aelfric’s Auspices to stack debuffs and buffs as well as fast BP generation with Donate BP. Sidestep doesn’t have a duration so build it up to max on both merchants for phase 2 transition. Use summons and hires to stack more debuffs and break shield fast once weaknesses unlock. Save BP for burst, final shield should break with tank attack or passive so dps can go all out.

Party Setup:
Therion Lv. 44 – Thief/Apothecary – 50 Speed + 50 Atk. Accessory
– Incidental Attack
– Fleetfoot
– Surpassing Power
– Insult to Injury
Cyrus Lv. 43 – Scholar/Merchant – 50 Speed + 50 Crit Accessory
– Elemental Augmentation
– SP Saver
– Persistence
– Inner Strength
Tressa Lv. 37 – Merchant/Warrior – 6 SP Regen + 500 HP Accessory
– Eye for an Eye
– Hang Tough
– SP Saver
– Cover
Ophilia Lv. 44 – Cleric/Dancer – 80 SP + 600 HP Accessory
– Second Wind
– Inner Strength
– Encore
– The Show Goes On


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