Octopath Discussion – April 22nd, 2022 Art Stream

Octopath Discussion – April 22nd, 2022 Art Stream

This was a stream I did on April 22nd, 2022 on my Twitch channel! We discussed the ins and outs of Octopath Traveler!

Uploading it for archive purposes. 🙂

00:00 Intro
03:55 Stream starts
05:49 Q1: hottest Octopath
06:42 Q2: Favorite Story
07:54 Q3: Favorite Job
10:02 Q4: Favorite Song
11:11 Q5: Fave/Least Fave Boss
12:48 Q6: Cait Casualties
13:35 Q7: Biggest Gripe w/ the Game
17:24 Q8: Thoughts on Final Dungeon Lore
19:00 Q9: Thoughts on the 8 Stories
23:33 Primrose’s Story
25:21 Ophelia’s Story
26:44 Haanit’s Story
29:30 Tressa’s Story
34:50 Alfyn’s Story
37:06 Cyrus’ Story
40:14 Therion’s Story
49:01 Olberic’s Story
51:50 Other Story Aspects
55:16 Battle
1:00:54 The Final Dungeon Rant
1:21:21 Q10: What did you think of the title?
1:26:20 Q11: How do you rank the game overall?
1:27:50 Q12: Would you play other Team Asano games?
1:30:01 Outro

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