[Octopath Traveler: CotC] Just a tryhard BT Bow loop, 4* only

[Octopath Traveler: CotC] Just a tryhard BT Bow loop, 4* only

I use Pia, because my Devin is only 3.5*.

Ideally, at the end of Turn 10, I’ll have him in red HP with 5 stacks of Taunt and 5 stacks of Def Down, everyone still alive, and the fight ends at Turn 12. However, this run showcases some awful Paralysis RNG and the ensuing bad decision making, and yet still manage a kill on Turn 15. Live and learn.

5:30 – Grabbing the Allies. Both the Strength and the Potency of the Ally’s skills matter. I’ve taken low Strength high Potency allies to this fight and they did an entire 200 damage. The Sleep chance for Bewitching Dancer is surprisingly high. Zealot is easy to recruit. There is an Elder Cleric in the lower right of Flamesgrace Church that does more damage than the Zealot, but the Invite chance is pretty low for my Fame level. Zealot does about 3k total, Elder Cleric does about 5k total. Remember that you have 5 Ally uses in battle.

8:30 – Gear and skills. I’ve since moved the Spirit Scarf off Meena and onto Iris. Iris has a passive that boosts her Fan damage at full health. Spirit Scarf can obtained from the Gold Shardstone exchange.

The rest of the video is me forgetting to stop recording. Oops.


CTA-IMAGE 遊ばなくなったアプリゲーム、 せっかく課金までしたのに、このまま アカウント削除するのは勿体ないな。。 なんて思った事ありませんか? そんなお悩みの方にフリマ感覚で 売買ができるサイトを紹介するよ。 もちろん、運営サイトを仲介しての取引だから安心、安全!取引中のサポートも充実しているから興味のある方は覗いてみてね。


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