Octopath Traveler COTC – Master of All – Chapter 2

Octopath Traveler COTC – Master of All – Chapter 2

Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

In this video, there is a missing cutscene of around 4 minutes at 08:20.
It was recorded with my first attempt to kill the boss and it was deleted. I tried to recover the file but … Q.Q
So here is a link that shows the dialogue between 9:12 and 13:05:

I tried the boss like always very undergeared and it did punish me hard for it.
So there is 2 phases and he is switching phase after each break.

Also the boss spawns Thief if you are too slow so you could focus him down first as you will most likely not be able to sustain your SP if there is reinforcement.

Besides, the poison’s damage is adding challenge, switching your frontline’s poisoned member to the backrow is a temporary solution that works quite well.

Also I added the jail footage gameplay because I found it funny and quite original.

I hope that my advices will help you out 🙂

Timestamps of the video
08:20 Missing footage
09:21 Boss encounter
Boss M’sushi the Viper.
Phase 1: Weakness: Sword – Axe – ? – ? – Lightning
Phase 2: Weakness: Bow – Staff – ? – ? – Light
2 x Thief: Weakness: ? – Bow – ? – ? – Light
27:40 End of battle
37:25 Jail
40:13 End of Jail


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