Octopath Traveler – H’aanit, the Hunter (Piano Cover)

Octopath Traveler – H’aanit, the Hunter (Piano Cover)

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Annalisa plays Octopath Traveler: H’aanit, the Hunter on piano!
Still taking it pretty easy as I’m working my way back into things. This piece is already for piano, so it wasn’t difficult to arrange. I still added my own spin on things in the second half, so I hope you like it 🙂 also H’aanit is THE BEST. Her naive, straightforward personality is cute AF, and obviously I love that she has a giant pet cat. I’m in love with her and Therion (although I don’t like the music for Therion as much).

Is there any piece from the soundtrack would you like me to play? Let me know in the comments!

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Music by: Yasunori Nishiki
Arranged by: Animalisa Keys