Octopath CotC 「オクトラ大陸の覇者」Glossom 8 turns (ft. “Merchant” Olberic) グロッサム8ターン

Octopath CotC 「オクトラ大陸の覇者」Glossom 8 turns (ft. “Merchant” Olberic) グロッサム8ターン

Equipment/Abilities are at the end of the video.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Without Awakening I on Fior, you’re probably not consistently killing both adds on the first break if you follow this setup. Instead, I would recommend making the following changes to the first few turns:

T1: Fior Collapse Charge on the right add
T2: Fior Sanrendan on the left add
T3: Primrose teamwide buff, Fior Round Dual, Gertrude Guillotine on Glossom (basically you stall an extra turn to get a better setup)
T4: Break
T5: kill both adds

The fight becomes 9 turns as a result, but that’s still quite fast and very doable for grinding out Glossom guidestones.