【Live配信】新春!オクトパストラベラー RTA !猫に会ったら即終了! Steam版【ネタバレ有】

【Live配信】新春!オクトパストラベラー RTA !猫に会ったら即終了! Steam版【ネタバレ有】

よかったら、高評価&チャンネル登録をお願いします!┏(┏ ・´ー・`)┓

Complete all eight traveler’s paths, unlock The Gate of Finis, complete the boss gauntlet, and defeat Galdera, the true final boss. Time starts on confirming your starting character, and ends the moment the 100,000 money menu box appears after the final cutscene.

All submitted videos must be highlighted VOD’s, or in the case of YouTube etc, remain view-able. Submissions must be trimmed to have no more than 1 min before the beginning of the run, and no more than the length of the credits after the last split.

For runs on the PC/Steam release only.

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