River of Life – Octopath Traveler Acoustic/Folk Cover

River of Life – Octopath Traveler Acoustic/Folk Cover

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A cover of “River of Life” from the video game Octopath Traveler.
Very glad I’ve been able to do another Octopath cover, as it’s one of my favourite games that’s come out in the past few years, and possibly has one of my favourite soundtracks of all time!
Admittedly, when I first heard this tune, I just thought it was a nice little piece of music that played once you arrived in Saintsbridge. However, the track definitely grew on me and I very quickly appreciated how beautiful this piece is.
I didn’t want to ruin that feel of this track with heavy guitars and drums, so I decided to keep this all mostly acoustic. The song itself is actually pretty easy to play, so I decided to throw in a bunch of other instruments I don’t usually get to play and help spice up the arrangement! That said, I’m primarily a bassist and guitarist, so don’t just me too harshly on the rest of this!
The Octopath Traveler soundtrack is one of my favourites of all time, so expect more covers in the future, and I hope you enjoyed this cover!

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Acoustic guitar, bass, keys, drums, mandolin, balalaika, lyre, recorder keyboard, melodica and mixing: Sumask
Composed by: Yasunori Nishiki

Instruments Used:
Acoustic Guitar: Some crappy Chord one
Bass: Schecter Stiletto Studio 6
Keytar: Roland AX-Edge
Balalaika: No idea
Mandolin: Rocket MAB01
Lyre: No idea
Melodica: Andoer 32 Keys
Recorder Keyboard: Suzuki Andes 25F
Microphone: Focusrite Scarlett CM25
Drums: Alesis Surge Mesh Kit

Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
Audio Software: Cubase 8
Video Software: Lightworks
Video Camera: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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